To our friends and supporters . . .

June, 2010


Dear Friends,

As we move from the sparseness of winter, into a time of planting and renewal, there is the potential for growth and generosity. It is also a time for seeking your support for The Bridge Community and Special Religious Education. This year The Bridge Community celebrated its 25th Anniversary; and we know your previous generosity has helped us to meet many of the goals and challenges of the past 25 years. Through your assistance we have been able to provide many experiences for the women at Bridge and the students in SRE; and have enabled them to respond creatively and constructively to joyful and trying experiences. Most importantly they have continued to developed into people of faith.

Many of us who minister at The Bridge Community and teach in Special Religious Education have had the experience of working in institutions, schools and corporations that have not provided the support of a community with a spiritual foundation. Here at Bridge and in SRE we provide a community that nurtures and sustains our faith commitments.

As a faith community we provide opportunities where persons with developmental disabilities and special needs are valued, received with love and enabled to develop to their full potential. There is a healthy balance between the optimism we need to move forward and the realism of our dependence on you. Your generosity in helping us in these ministries that work to provide a Catholic Christian education and improve quality of life for the people we serve has made all the difference. Some of your contributions may seem like only the tiniest shoots, but they count. We are most grateful!

Some of you may not be aware of our many programs and activities for persons with developmental disabilities. We have enclosed a brochure to share these ministries with you. You may view it by Clicking Here.


Fr. Roland Freeman          Sr. Mary Catherine Widger, S.L.          Risha Dimas 



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