About the Bridge Community

The Bridge Community was opened in April of 1985 by Fr. Lawrence Freeman, Sr. Sue Rogers, S.L., and Sr. Mary Catherine Widger, S.L.

It is licensed and certified by the State of Colorado as a community-based,intermediate-care facility for persons with developmental disabilities.

It is the only Catholic group home for women in the State of Colorado and has the ability to provide care for eight adult women. It is the only home in Colorado which encourages residents and staff to live together in a community with reciprocal sharing of gifts, talents, and needs.

At the center of the Bridge Community is the goal, not only to provide a stable and supportive community for the disabled women who choose to live here, but also to create a home where each of the women can realize the fulfillment of which they are capable.

At the heart of Bridge is the experience that we are loved by Christ; a spirituality which helps us to discover the value we have in one another.

It is the hope and expectation that over time they can grow into the fullness of family with each other and remain here as long as they choose.



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